Don't Panic

i will sell my soul to rock and roll.
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Pierce The Veil - Hold On Till May (x)


andif  I leave there’s no way back (b/wdepression blog/ trigger warning)
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Pierce The Veil - Caraphernelia
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Bus seats in Finland - for the unsocial people, like me.

Rule number one in Finnish public transport culture: Don’t sit next to anyone. Unless the seats are like this.In every other cases fill the spots from window seats. Then standing up seats. If the bus gets crowded sit next to someone but sit as far as possible from the other person and turn your head to look to the completely different direction. Don’t say a word. And if you’re the one sitting next to window pray all the gods that the other person leaves before you, because otherwise you’d have to speak to him/her. Usually it’s something like “Umm..ileavenow”. Remember, no sorries or smiles. Just say it as low and fast as possible without making any eye contact. 

legit advise for people visiting finland. that “ileavenow” is “mä jään täs” in finnish. it’s okay if you don’t pronounce it perfectly right because the only reason someone would talk to strangers in public transport is to ask them to move, so they will get the hint. 
BUT! usually just things like putting your phone away and rustling your bag and looking like you are about to leave will do the trick. no need for words.
….and this is how you wait for a bus in finland:

Reblogging because of that picture. So true. And familiar.

This is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen…what the actual fuck. It almost seems like a joke but I feel like it’s actually serious????

this is totally how things are in boston/new england too
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I know that the characters are fictional.

But the emotional damage they cause is real.



i go through periods of 

“i’m so fucking cool and awesome and hot. I would date me” 

followed by 

“i’m so fucking ugly why do people talk to me i’m such a loser” 

followed by 


followed by 

“oh my god everyone is so fucked up i hate people and want to die.”

All before 9am


i’m so possessive over people but like a quiet possessive because i dont want to be clingy so i kinda just angrily stare at people from afar 




This kitty accidentally stepped on a bee



i feel really badly but I just cannot stop laughing

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Hey there Nathan, 

one year already since the last time I had to write you something for your birthday and cried my eyes out because you were 20. I'm so mad at you for getting older, it frustrates me and ugh. To be honest, that's why I don't like your birthdays. Cause you're getting older and older. Can you stop for a minute and find some vampire to bite you so you'd stop growing or become Peter Pan? If anything, I'll always imagine you as Peter Pan. You're a beautiful young soul and we'll get to your looks along the text. So, you're officially 21 now. That's a huge number for United States and everyone will start treating you like an adult that's why I'll tell you few things how to live like an adult (ironically I'm still a teen); pay for your bills, don't drink too much, don't give a fuck and live your life. You're my idol since forever and I would really like if you would continue being that for the rest of my life. Me and tons of other people need someone to look up to and you're that someone. I just wanna let you know not to change for anything or anyone because you are perfect just the way you are. What's the point of you telling us, your fans, to love ourselves when you're insecure? It doesn't make sense. Even if you have flaws, they make you perfect and special. There's no point of being someone else and trying to be like someone else. Be yourself, because everyone else is taken. Let me tell you few things that will make me sound extra cheesy but they're true; your smile lights up the whole world and makes everything tons of times more better, your green eyes are pure look into heaven, your sloth-ish nose is the cutest thing in the world and it gets even more cuter when you get shy or mad, your blushed cheeks are a thing to die for, seriously now, your body is a wonderland, I swear to God it is and you should really see it because it's so beautiful and amazing, your piano skills are heaven to my and everyone else's ears, your voice is bundle of passion and sex, your laugh is a mix of adorableness and it makes me blush every time I hear it, your swearing drives my crazy like seriously you do not understand, your hip thrusting during your preforming is god of stripping to be fucking honest, your personality is an angel. Nathan, I love you so damn much and I hope you'll continue being an amazing person as you always were and I hope you'll learn how to love yourself because we love you more than you think.

Yours truly, Antonia
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this is what I want. Us, going on a road trip, sleeping in our car and cheap motels, eating cereal for dinner and ihop for breakfast and granola bars for lunch. Fighting over the radio stations and talking about old memories of when we were young and when we first met and how we fell in love

i need more road trips 

ugggghh want so so bad